Mukesh BPO is a full service medical billing company handling all aspects of medical billing and coding process, insurance claim processing and Accounts Receivable follow-up for healthcare providers in the US.

Our services are offered to a wide range of clients, from small and medium sized medical billing firms and hospitals to larger international hospital organizations.


The wide range of our billing services include the following:

Personal details
Patient's full name including last and first name
Date of Birth
Present address inclusive of City, state and zip code
Medical Records
Patient's health history
Patient's medical examination findings
Lab test results
Medications prescribed
Referrals ordered to health care providers
Insurance Details
Patient's Primary Insurance, effective date and coverage and benefits
Patient's Secondary Insurance details
Other Details
Employment Details
Social security number
Insurance details inclusive of primary, secondary and tertiary
Guarantor information
Charges entered
We audit all the entries down to the smallest detail to ensure 100% quality services to you.
We check with the insurance companies of the patients for their benefit details before processing any claims.
  This ensures transmission of claims to the correct payer, with correct information.
If any services require Pre Authorization, we obtain the same.
Process of charges with appropriate state and specialty Specific Rules.
While processing the charges care is taken for the details like date of service,referring physician, ordering physician,
place of service, type of service, referral details and co-pay details.
Internal Quality Assurance performed at different levels to provide high quality Output.
Highly trained Medical Coders analyze and update all CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS codes across various specialties.
Insurance and governmental regulatory requirements are strictly followed.
Payer-specific coding requirements taken care of.
On-line and Off-line software utilization experience.
Daily Deposits balanced accurately.
In case of Low Pay or No Pay, analysis is done.
Denials are worked immediately and secondary claim reports are sent regularly.
Manual and electronic payer interface.
Denial Posting.
Provider Data Updates
Patient Billing and collection.
Receivables Analysis
Payer (Insurance) Follow-up
Denials management
Practice Analysis