Mukesh BPO provides a complete range of integrated legal support services to worldwide legal community and helps law firms and corporate legal departments receive value for money. In the areas of research, drafting, litigation support and administrative services, Mukesh BPO has good command in the legal arena.
Outsourcing high-value and sophisticated core business processes to Mukesh BPO in India is a strategic move for forward-thinking organizations, as we consistently deliver superior value and achieve the highest standards. Most importantly, we serve as your virtual overseas partner, ensuring quality, confidentiality, integrity, and on-time execution for each project.
Mr. Mukesh Thakkar
Automobile Accident / Car Accident
General Insurance
Real Estate
Bodily Injury
Property Law
Health Claims
Arbitration & Settlement
  Low End Qualitative Task
No Fault Claim Services
Patent Search
Legal Research
Legal Coding
Case Evalution
Legal Memo Development
Legal Transcription
Application Drafting
Intelligence Service
Verification Services
  High End Qualitative Task
Medical Summary and Chronology Services
Contract Drafting
Document Review and Analysis
Wills Processing
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Copyright Registration
Corporate Secretarial Services
The advantage of the time zone.
Availability of English speaking attorneys.
Familiarity with common law doctrines.
Indian attorneys with US/UK qualifications are in plenty.
Labor cost differential- It almost costs up to 50 percent less than the US firms.
The quality and speed of work done.
Most LPO outfits in India are reported to be staffed 24/7
The Indian legal professionals are taught to analytically interpret the laws.