Clinical Trial Service Expertise
Preclinical Phase of I,II,III and IV BA/BE studies
Regulatory submission Pharmacovigillence - SAE reporting
Medical Writing    
We brings a high level of expertise and high value technology to every clinical trial. Factor of prime importance to us are to Provide Quality Solutions, Reduce Costs and to Accelerate Timeliness.
Mr. Mukesh Thakkar
Expertise in overall execution of clinical trial from protocol preparation, site selection, monitoring & auditing of the trial to data management & final report submission
Cardiology Gastroenterology
Dermatology Gynaecology & Obstetrics
Endocrinology Neurology
ENT Nephrology
Ophthalmology Oncology
Pulmonology Orthopedics
Over 560 research centers and hospitals nationwide
Nearly 620 investigators
Investigative sites are located in more than 30 cities across India  
Factors that Continue to Make India Attractive for Future Clinical Trial Outsourcing:
Increasing Global R & D Costs across the board
Increasing Pharmaceutical Development Time
R&D costs in India are substantially less than those in the developed world
India has a large, heterogeneous population pool
World Class Facilities
Patent Protection and Intellectual Property Rights
India possesses a world class data-processing.
India possesses large generic drug manufacturing facilities.