Mukesh BPO Transcription Service offers quality and accurate business transcription services at affordable prices. Your transcription needs could include meetings, conferences, speeches, one-on-one interviews, board meetings, etc.  Get accurate transcription within the timeframe that best suits your business transcription needs.

Companies in US/UK/Canada and Australia send digital audio outputs of their annual and monthly meetings, press releases, group discussions, forecast meetings, training sessions and company business statements amongst others.

Mr. Mukesh Thakkar

We convert the audio visual content into completed and ready-to-publish transcripts in Word, WordPerfect or any other format required by the customer. We also customize the output to any pre-defined formats as per individual customer specifications. The completed transcripts are sent to the customer as e-mail attachments over FTP or in any other manner preferred by the customer.

Transcriptions of meetings, conferences, seminars & boardroom discussions
Transcriptions of earnings calls
Interview transcriptions
Financial transcriptions
Transcriptions of audio-visual content
Transcriptions of annual general meetings
Transcriptions of focus groups
Transcriptions of computer desktop dictations
Transcriptions of mobile dictations

Our high level of quality assurance ensures that we have a high accuracy record in the domain of business transcription and we are one of the few companies that accept a wide variety of file formats. The following is a list of some of the benefits of outsourcing business transcription services to Mukesh BPO:

Experienced and well-trained team who are proficient in business communication
Quick turnaround time
Stringent quality assurance processes
Accurate and efficient services
Free trial offer
Capability to work on a wide range of file formats
Time zone differential gives customers 24/7 access for 365 workdays