Mukesh BPO was founded in the year 2000 to provide Business Process Outsourcing Service to US client. We started providing superior Medical Transcription Services in various branches of medicine.
  Factors that helped us:
Time difference between US and India helped us to provide very quick Turnaround Time for our services.
Availability of highly educated English speaking youth helped us to cut client cost tremendously.
Both these factors helped us to provide best Turnaround Time, equally excellent quality and cutting cost
  even up to 50%.
  With the help of full fledged talented manpower team we are now successfully executing:
Medical Transcription: In all specialties to all categories of clients.
Medical Billing and Coding: From Demography check to final collection
Teleradiology: Pre-read for X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI
Legal Process Outsourcing: All service in No Fault.
Web Design: Developing and full handling of website with Search Engine Optimization.
  Mukesh BPO’s corporate office is in Mumbai, the financial hub of India with a branch office at Florida. Today, Mukesh BPO is a successful independent company that has over 100 talented people working under its roof utilizing 5,000 sq. ft area.